Whew! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged! Sorry guys!

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow day/beautiful sunny day we’ve had! This weekend was spent completely away from work, with my Ben, movies, friends, chai tea, and relaxation! I enjoyed every minute of it! So, on this “snowy” Monday, I thought I might share some photos from the Bridal Show, which was my first!  I never realized how much there is to do in preparing for a show of this size, like ordering promo cards, making sure you have plenty of work to display, and then of course your booth design. Well luckily, my Dad loves me, and it shows in my booth design!

Sweet Ben works such long hours, I couldn’t stand the idea of asking him to help me build a booth after work. So I just headed up to Reidsville for this project! After painting the drywall, and building the frame, transporting was the challange .. so thanks Dad, Ben, & John for ALL of your help!

I’ve actually been working on my branding the past few months, and though I haven’t released my new branding, you will get a peek of my new logo which was used in my booth & on my cards!

What do you guys think?

Happy Monday!