Well, MK and Eric tied the knot this past weekend at Magnolia Manor (images to come!), and I can finally share this¬†bridal session with you all! I’m in love with this Bridal Portrait, I mean look at my beautiful bride, and that perfect yard!

Boy did we luck up with weather for MK’s Bridals! All day we checked back and forth with one another as the weather prediction would jump from 10% chance of thunderstorms to 100%, then back to 20% an hour later. I’m so glad we decided to go for it! When I arrived for the session, it was POURING, but MK was sipping a glass of wine with her Mom, and wonderful family friends, who allowed us to use their beautifully landscaped yard and house for the evening. So we just waited it out. Lucky for me, I got to hear about some more wedding details, and make some wonderful new friends! Once the storm finally passed we ¬†got set up (as Mr. Stephen blew off the grass for MK’s dress, Thank you!!!).

So take a coffee break and look through this images! Leave the newlyweds some warm wishes! I can’t wait to share their lovely wedding soon!!