It has been way too long since my last post, so please excuse me for such a long blogging break! May was a busy wedding month, so I am looking forward to blogging about the rest of these weddings!

This particular wedding is so special to me. It is somewhat easier to do my job when I do not know the couple as well, even though I always ending up tearing up at every wedding I shoot. This particular preview is of  one my favorite couples in the world. I am so thankful to have  two  such wonderful friends, and when Jo asked me to photograph their wedding, I knew it would be perfect.

Their wedding day took place on the coast of NC. The weather was the best you could as for. The ceremony and reception were held on a breathtaking open area providing a gorgeous view to the waterway. The tent was decorated  top to bottom with handmade flowers, lights, and bunting. It was completely Jo & Ben.  As if I couldn’t say enough about the wedding itself, the food, was amazing, with the sides provided by Beaufort Grocery. But are you ready for the best dessert idea ever? Jo & Ben had 20 different pies, at least one at each table. No, these were not all made by a caterer, or picked up at the grocery store, different friends and family baked them specially for their big day! I cannot tell you how delicious my slice of chocolate chip cookie pie was!

So please browse through these images, and leave some well wishes for this happy couple!

Jo & Ben- I love you both, and cannot put into words how happy I am for you. I enjoyed every minute of this, and hope I captured all the great moments you had May 7th 2011!

Location: Godfrey Branch, Swansboro, N.C.

Caterer: Beaufort Grocery

Wedding Tree: Carolina Pear