What a sweet, sweet day this was! I had the honor of photographing Brittany & Brian’s beautiful wedding in August! Brittany and her girls spent a the morning getting ready, and then met me at the Church to get ready. I loved the excitement of this day, and how beautiful their note exchange was!

During their Ceremony, Brittany & Brian lit candles, and then went down the aisle to lit each row of guests’ candles as well. The pictures are beautiful, but still don’t do this justice. It was such as perfect moment!  After the Ceremony,  we first went to Reidsville High School (hometown pride, Go Rams!) where Brian is now the Baseball Coach, so we had to take some photographs there, as well as the beautiful Belmont House!

Brittany + Brian: Love like this is wonderful, I’m so happy for you both!! Thank you for allowing me to capture this time for you guys!!!

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