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Baby Spencer: Newborn Session {Greensboro Family Photographer}

Meet the sweet Howerton Family! Jena contacted me a few months before Spencer’s due date, and we planned for this session. I just loved spending the morning capturing this family!

SO excited to share a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

greensboro-newborn-session-1 greensboro-newborn-session-9 greensboro-newborn-session-20 greensboro-newborn-session-17 greensboro-newborn-session-6 greensboro-newborn-session-5 greensboro-newborn-session-21 greensboro-newborn-session-10 greensboro-newborn-session-4 greensboro-newborn-session-7 greensboro-newborn-session-8 greensboro-newborn-session-19 greensboro-newborn-session-3 greensboro-newborn-session-14 greensboro-newborn-session-12 greensboro-newborn-session-15 greensboro-newborn-session-16 greensboro-newborn-session-2
Jessica: Bridals {Raleigh Wedding Photographer}

Jessica & Ford tied the knot this past weekend in downtown Raleigh and had a stunning weekend of celebration! Now I can finally share Jessica’s gorgeous Bridal session!

We started at the Raleigh Rose Garden, and finished up at Christ Church, where they got married. It was SO difficult to choose these photographs to share, but there is no doubt my job was made easy!(: Take a look and enjoy this perfect bridal portrait!

Film scans | The Find Lab

raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-8 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal raleigh-bridal-portrait-2 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-5 raleigh-bridal-portrait-5 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-3 raleigh-bridal-portrait-6 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-2 raleigh-bridal-portrait-3 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-7 raleigh-bridal-portrait-10 raleigh-bridal-portrait-11 raleigh-bridal-portrait-9 raleigh-bridal-portrait-1 downtown-raleigh-bridal-portrait downtown-raleigh-bridal-portrait-3 downtown-raleigh-bridal-portrait-2
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