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Sweet Summer ..

Sometimes I have to stop myself to take in the sweet moments of summer. Luckily, summer is such a busy time for me, but by the time we get to August and September, it’s over.  This year I’ve tried to stop and just take in some sweet things I adore about this time of year.

We haven’t officially taken a vacation this year yet, so we are going to the beach for an entire week in two weeks (I’m jumping up and down just thinking about it!!). With that being said, here are some favorite summer moments so far..

First off, my summer FAV! I don’t know how many watermelons I have cut up this summer so far. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo!

This was a weekend beachtrip with Ben, can’t WAIT for our full week!!

Ok, ok, this is more spring, but it makes me happy.

This also isn’t right from summer, but look at our sweet Emma .. look below to see how much she has grown!!

She modeled for me (dressed up as a boy), for a shoot that will be on the blog soon for my Southern Weddings Ad!! So excited!


What are some of your favorite summer moments?!

It must be Christmas in March! {Southern Weddings Yard Sale}

“Well butter my Biscuit!”, I can’t wait to share these photos from a recent Saturday trip with Leigh Pearce Weddings! Miss Leigh Pearce and myself spent our St. Patty’s day in Chapel Hill with the sweet gals of Southern Weddings, at their Yard Sale!

Of course we walked away with some amazing goodies, but I couldn’t help but bring my camera to capture some of the fun! I hope you all are familiar with Southern Weddings, one of the greatest resources in the wedding industry for Brides & Grooms, (as well as vendors to swoon over beautiful real weddings & inspiration!)

A big thanks to the ladies of Southern Weddings for having us join the fun, it was so nice to meet you all!  For more photos, be sure to check out Faith Teasely Photography, another photographer I met from Fayetteville who also took photos from the day!

Aren’t you dying to know what I got?! Wellll what would any photographer die to find in a yard sale?! .. brand new.. ?! Yes, Of course a Kelly Moore Bag! Thank YOU Lara, for making my year!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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