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Ryan + Ashley Engaged! {Greensboro Wedding Photographer}

What better way to start the New Year than ringing it in with a wedding?!! Ashley & Ryan are getting married this evening, so I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorites from their engagements!

We ended up doing two sessions for Save the Dates & weather, which was perfect! Leave these two some love & happy wishes!!

Happy New Years!

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Lisa + Will: Engaged {North Carolina Film Photographer}

Whew! This spring & summer have been jam packed, which means I’ve neglected this blog! I’m jumping back in and am SO excited to start by sharing Lisa & Will’s amazing engagement session.

I met up with these two at Will’s house and spent the evening around their property in Walnut Cove (and awesome vintage truck). These sessions always allow me to really get to know my couples and I had a blast with these two. Not to mention they made it SO easy for me!

Lisa & Will — I cannot wait for your wedding next year! Thank you for such a fun afternoon!

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