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Hello friends! This blog has been up on the shelf while businesses have grown and sessions + weddings have been photographed. Having a little break made me realize how much I do enjoy blogging work. So here we are — jumping back in the blogging saddle. Can’t wait to share so many special moments with you all!


While preparing for this wedding season I realized there are things I always need each weekend, and things that help me create my best work, as well as reward myself at the end of day. Clearly my equipment is esstential to work a wedding day, but after years of working through the best options for myself, I’ve finally found great things to help make my days functional and great to work through.

I have a double wedding weekend this holiday weekend so in preparing things I thought I would share some essentials that get me through the days!

1. Contax 645 + film. While this is equipment, my Contax 645 joins me for every wedding. It is my creative outlet and will always show me a different view. It makes me slow down and really take time to create each moment. I don’t get to sit down right afterwards and go through  my images. Instead, I trust myself, ship my film off, and wait. Let me tell you – that wait can seem so long BUT getting those film scans back is one of the best parts of each wedding for me. I love creating art with my contax.

2. Leather Hold Fast Gear. I wish I could make myself not carry two cameras on my person for a wedding day – at least for some of that day. I can’t, I just can’t. I love having two completely different perspectives to look through side by side. The only downside is carrying that weight for 10 hours. After trying many options, my hold Fast gear became my new best friend! I can be hands free when I need to be while still keeping my cameras on me and I don’t have to worry about one falling off. Their clips put my mind at ease! Thank you Hold Fast for an amazing system!

3. Energy. Yum! Y’all I am so hungry by the end of the wedding day + I need snacks during day. RXBARS have been so great this season for me. Much more healthy and they give me the energy I need.  If you are searching for something to throw in your bag try them – SO good (the blueberry is a fav!).

4 . Great Hair TiesWho ever knew this would be so important?!  Well my hair changes about 103436 times during a wedding day. These great Paisley Ribbon soft hair ties and wonderful. No pulling hair out & everything stays in place(!!!) Not to mention they are cute on my wrists! I was lucky enough to snag these from the #v9launchparty and can’t wait to order more!

5. Reward. Because who doesn’t need some type of reward to come home to?! I was lucky enough snag the latest Magnolia Journal at Lowes yesterday, and am SO pumped to relax and read through that on Monday. Most of you know, but Ben and I also have a renovation company Saltbox Building Co, so we love finding new inspiration through magazines like Magnolia Journal, her articles are always so great & fun!

So what are some of your favorite things that get you through the work day? Do you have rewards? I’d love to hear them! Happy Friday Friends!!

Can we celebrate?

Yes, let’s celebrate!

It’s love at first Site, and yes I totally went there.  I mean let’s throw some confetti, jump up and down, and toast to a new website?! I cannot put into words how excited I am to share this beauty of a site, and it’s a perfect fit!

You would think something like this would be a piece of cake, you just pick a few colors you love, go through your work, and write about yourself. Every one of those steps was like hitting a brick wall, and then realizing there were 50 other steps to do before getting to that. This made me find what I LOVE, and where I want to take my work. So in a nutshell, here is an idea of the jump:






Creating this dream home for my work took a lot more than just finding pretty colors. Thank goodness I had Cathy and her team at Love-Inspired get me through this process and design something amazing! (I mean seriously guys, go look at all of the different pages!)

My logo, ohhh my logo! I never thought my name could look so pretty. I worked with Abany Bauer, of Brown Linen Design, and I couldn’t be happier with my logo! She is a true artist, and I’m honored to have worked with her! Thank you Abany!

Finally, I have to thank Perry Vaile. Y’all I love this girl! Perry, thank you for capturing memories and moments I will cherish and love forever! Headshots have never been so easy!! xo!

Then there is this whole section have a support system I do have to mention. These guys looked at multiple emails and revisions of logos, page layouts, bios, photos, pinterest boards, and it goes on and on …… THANK YOU to my wonderful families, Ben, and Leigh Pearce for listening to my ramblings and insane reasoning for certain things.


Now for the fun! I’m giving away a portrait session! What better way to celebrate a new site?!

Here are the details: 

  • This session is good for one portrait or engagement session within a 20 mile radius of Greensboro.
  • It must take place Monday – Thursday, and needs to be scheduled by October 31st 2014.
  • It is a one hour session with rights to the digital negatives

Thank you SO much for entering! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!! So get going on that entering! (:



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