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Sherouse Family {Greensboro Family Photographer}

It’s always an honor to photograph friends, as well as other photographers! This session allowed me to do both! I was fortunate enough to spend one Friday morning recently with the Sherouse family! As you can see, they made my job easy, and so much fun! Jenny is a talented photographer, and I’m so glad this family made the move to Greensboro!

Enjoy this sweet family session!

IMG_5711 IMG_5726 greensboro-family-01 greensboro-family-2 greensboro-family-04 IMG_5831 greensboro-family-03 IMG_5783 IMG_5751 IMG_5737 IMG_5926 IMG_5799-2 IMG_5975 greensboro-family-07 greensboro-family-05 IMG_6023 IMG_6054-2
Nellie: 6 Months {Greensboro Family Photographer}




Happy to share this sweet pea’s six month session! The Brown family, who I just love called me to photograph Nellie’s six month session, as well as some family photos! I met them at their family farm, which was just an amazing backdrop! What better way to spend a Friday than to pick some blueberries?! Penny enjoyed her fair share!

Enjoy this sweet family session! Happy Thursday!

family_session nellie_01 family_session_2 six_month_session_03 nellie_02 blueberry_family_farm_photo blueberry_farm six_month_session_04 six_month_session washtub_baby_session six_month_session_01
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