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Leanna: Bridals

Loving Leanna’s beautiful Bridals, which were taken at Old Salem! Enjoy!

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Alysha + Brad: Married! {Castle Ladyhawke Wedding}

Oh how sharing this beautiful wedding with you guys makes me so happy! I spent a weekend this past fall in Sapphire Valley at the stunning Castle Ladyhawke for Alysha & Brad’s wedding day. First, let me shamelessly say how talented this sweet friend of mine is. Alysha, who owns Alysha Whitfield Jewelry creates beautiful pieces, which can be seen here. You will surely want one of her rings, no joke guys!

As you can imagine, their wedding had the perfect combination of family, friends, and sweet details that reflected their personalities. Alysha actually made the jewelry as a gift for her bridesmaids, as well as the cufflinks for the groomsmen.

Despite checking the weather all day with the constant looming chance of rain, the sun came out right in time for the Ceremony, and held off just until we finished their Bride & Groom photos. My lucky day huh?! Enough with the talking, my photos express this beauty much better than my words! Enjoy this breath taking  couple, and NC view!!

castle-ladyhawke-wedding-30 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-1 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-6 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-4 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-5 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-10 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-2 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-3 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-9 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-26castle-ladyhawke-wedding-8 whitfield-148 whitfield-146 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-11 castle-ladyhawke-16 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-17 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-15 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-12 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-13 whitfield-212-2 castle-ladyhawke-14 whitfield-161 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-20 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-21 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-24castle-ladyhawke-wedding-22 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-23 whitfield-318whitfield-326 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-25 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-28 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-29 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-33 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-31 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-32 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-40 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-41 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-34 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-39 whitfield-575castle-ladyhawke-wedding-42 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-37 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-18 whitfield-486 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-38 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-36 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-35whitfield-597 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-51 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-50 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-52 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-46 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-45 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-44 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-43 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-47 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-48 castle-ladyhawke-wedding-49
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