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Ashley + Ryan: Married! {New Years Eve Wedding}

I couldn’t image a better way to celebrate NYE than with sharing Ryan & Ashley’s beautiful New Years Eve wedding. There is such an extra level of excitement for a NYE wedding – and the idea of ringing the new year in on your wedding day seems like a dream. That’s how Ashley & Ryan’s day felt!

The girls spent the day getting ready at Proximity Hotel, and the guys at O’Henry Hotel. Being a NYE wedding everyone had plenty of time relax. Ryan and Ashley opted for a First Look since it was such a chilly day. Boy was Ryan’s reaction perfect! These two enjoyed every moment together.

This was such a special wedding to me not only because I loved working with Ashley & Ryan, but it was planned by Leigh Pearce Events who designed and planned every element perfectly.  She was truly amazing and had so much talent. The Ceremony was so intimate and flawless, which led everyone to the Greensboro Country Club to celebrate and ring the new year in. There were so many fun surprises throughout the night from fireworks to confetti cannons to the late night snacks and a snow exit.

Words can’t describe how perfectly the day went- and I’m so excited and honored to share these photographs of a peek into the night. A big thanks to Alexa of Alexa’s Photography for shooting with me! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Ashley + Ryan — Thank you both for trusting me to document your day! I loved capturing these perfect moments for you!

Planning + Design: Leigh Pearce Events | Reception & Catering: Greensboro Country Club | Florals: Amy Lynne Originals | Hair + Makeup: Carla White Hair & Makeup | Band: 1st Generation Band    | Fireworks: Hale Artificier Inc.   | Exit Car: Fantasy Limousine

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Noah + Joelle married! {Merrimon Wynne Raleigh Wedding}

I have just loved getting to know Joelle + Noah. These two are so laid back and have so much fun together. Our joint love of everything Carolina makes it even better!  I was lucky enough to kick off my wedding season photographing their wedding at the beautiful Merrimon-Wynne House in downtown Raleigh, NC.

It was clear everyone gathered around these two the whole day and celebrated their marriage, not to mention Joelle had the BEST squad of flower girls you could imagine. It was such an honor to spend the day capturing this time for these two.

Joelle + Noah thank you for allowing me to photograph your prefect wedding day! SO happy for you both!

Reception: Merrimon-Wynne House

Hair Stylist: Salon Blu

Planning + Coordination: Gather Together Events

Catering: Rocky Top Catering

Cake: One Belle Bakery

Florals: Meristem Floral

Music: Bunn BJ Company

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