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Lee & Chelsea: Married! {Adaumont Farm Wedding Photographer}




Chelsea & Lee’s Wedding was one of my favorite weddings this year! Aside from working with an amazing couple & their families, these two had such a fun weekend of celebration. These two spent the day at Adaumont Farm getting ready, and and then said their ‘I dos’ by the water. I was lucky enough to have Alexa, of Alexa’s Photography with me for the day, who captured some amazing shots!

This weekend was infused with family and love, and it was an honor to be of part of their wedding day! Chelsea & Lee – thank you so much for allowing me to capture this for you!!

Venue: Adaumont Farm | Photographer: Anna Paschal Photography | Caterer: Sweet Basil’s | DJ: K2 Productions | Hair & Makeup: Carla White Hair & Makeup | Videographers: Red Letters Mediaadaumont-farm-wedding-1 Richardson-153 Richardson-404 Richardson-179 Richardson-189 adaumont-farm-wedding-2 Richardson-80 Richardson-913 Richardson-839 Richardson-1027 Richardson-121 Richardson-126 Richardson-142 Richardson-224 Richardson-226 Richardson-229 Richardson-234 adaumont-farm-wedding-8 adaumont-farm-wedding-16 Richardson-356 Richardson-309 Richardson-400 adaumont-farm-9 Richardson-436 Richardson-450 Richardson-462 Richardson-464 Richardson-550 adaumont-farm-wedding-20 adaumont-farm-wedding-18 adaumont-farm-wedding-11 Richardson-590 Richardson-587 Richardson-595 Richardson-564 Richardson-555 adaumont-farm-10 adaumont-farm-wedding-12 Richardson-635 Richardson-626 Richardson-642 Richardson-654 adaumont-farm-wedding-7 adaumont-farm-wedding-3 adaumont-farm-wedding-5 adaumont-farm-wedding-6 Richardson-745 adaumont-farm-wedding-13 Richardson-759 Richardson-922 Richardson-816 Richardson-830 Richardson-806 Richardson-855 Richardson-874 Richardson-881 Richardson-894 Richardson-954 Richardson-1116 Richardson-1019 Richardson-1092 Richardson-1071 Richardson-1030 Richardson-973 Richardson-976 Richardson-35 adaumont-farm-14 Richardson-12 Richardson-50 Richardson-57

Kristen & Matt: Married! {Millennium Center Wedding Photographer} Wintson Salem, N.C.

537SO excited to share this amazing June wedding with you today!! Kristen & Matt’s wedding day was perfection.  Alexa and myself met the girls & guys at the hotel while everyone was hanging out, and then made our way to the Millennium Center for everyone to get dressed. Millennium Center provided such a fun backdrop. Kristen’s dress was stunning hanging in the hallway!

Their Ceremoy was at their Church, and then came back to Millennium for the reception.  These two families have so much love and happiness, and th Matt & Kristen’s day was filled to the brim with love. Kristen incorporated so much color and meaningful details into their wedding day, which made Millennium sparkle! Did I mention the cookie table, ALL made with love by her family? Ammmazing! Enjoy a glimpse into their day!!

A big thanks to Alexa  for helping me capture their day perfectly!

Millennium-center-wedding 2 millennium-center-wedding-02 019 169 185 197 202 054 083 109 239 223 243 245 249 259 328 351I just LOVE this sweet shot taken Alexa! I was lucky enough to have her with me that day!

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