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Giving away a free session in honor of my Dad .. help us fight Lung Cancer!

If any of you know me, or follow either of my facebook pages, you will know I constantly post about the NC Lung Cancer Partnership (Sorry for filling your newsfeed(:!).  Well it is because I am passionate about raising awareness for lung cancer! Why, might you ask? My sweet dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer two years ago. I still have a hard time saying that.

Two years ago, I felt like my world was tumbling down, and it just seemed like there was nothing I could do about it. I was angry, and constantly looking up ways to find an answer. While doing that, I LUCKILY found the NC Lung Cancer Partnership. After looking on the website, instantly learning fast facts, and finding so many Surviviors and indviduals working to try and make a difference in this horrible cancer, I wanted to devote my time to helping in anyway I could. Now, two years later, my Dad IS a SURVIVOR, and I am so unbelieveably proud of his strength and fight. My family couldn’t have gotten through this without God, prayer, and support of wonderful family and friends, but I also needed the NCLP to help me connect with others to bring more awareness.  So, please take a minute to read these few facts about Lung Cancer ..

1. Lung Cancer is the NUMBER ONE killer of American men and women. Lung cancer kills almost twice as many American women as breast cancer annually and three times as many men as prostate cancer.

2.1 in 13 men and 1 in 16 women will get lung cancer in their lifetime.

3. Roughly 10% to 15% of lung cancer patients have never smoked. That means between 20,000 to 30,000 never-smokers are diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States each year

SO why exactly am I posting all of this? Well the NCLP Greensboro Free to Breathe 5k is just right around the corner. It will take place on November 12th at the Newbridge Bank Park, better known as the Grasshopper’s Stadium.  Once again I will be photographing the event, and Dad and family will be walking! Our team page, Captain 737, can be found HERE. We would love to have some other members, and obviously my family likes to sign up last minute! If you aren’t able to make it to race, you can always make a kind donation!

To spike interest in donations, I am offering a FREE session of choice to one person or family. If you donate $5, $10, or $20 to our team Captain 737, I will drop your name in the contest! I will announce the winner the night before the Free to Breathe, so I hope this will provide an interest to help us raise funding!!

* ha, Fun Christmas shot last year!

So where does your money go to?

$10- allows 5 lung cancer patients to receive our free education materials, giving them the information, inspiration and hope they need to fight this disease.

$50- keeps our website running for a month, enabling 10,000 patients, their families and healthcare providers to access important information.

$150-funds one day of critical lung cancer research to help all lung cancer patients live longer and better

$500 – allows 50 lung cancer patients to receive our free education materials, giving them the information, inspiration and hope they need to fight this disease.

Thanks everyone, for taking the time to read this post, and leave some good luck for Team Captain 737!! Take a look a just a few of shots from last year’s Free to Breathe below!

Dad- I love you and am SO proud of you. Thank you for everything. Love, your baby girl!


FREE TO BREATHE 5k GREENSBORO: http://participate.freetobreathe.org/site/TR?fr_id=1431&pg=entry

OUR PAGE: http://participate.freetobreathe.org/site/TR?team_id=17992&pg=team&fr_id=1431

NORTH CAROLINA LUNG CANCER PARTNERSHIP: http://nclungcancerpartnership.org/

Mom & Dad at the walk, so proud of you! Love you.

TEAM ALICIA RIDDLE. This is one amazing woman!

Of course the NCLP wouldn’t go on without Amy & Heather. Thank you both so much for all you do, so glad you know you both!

Lilly’s Six Month Session! Reidsville, N.C.

Ok .. babies and tutus totally make my heart melt. They are so cute when they are wrapped up in those bright tutus. That is just one of the many reasons they are PERFECT for portrait sessions! Check out this adorable sesh with sweet Lilly and her wonderful Mom.  Lucky for me, I am photographing Lilly’s first year, and I love coming every few months to see how much she has grown.

I just love love love the way this session turned out andd she was full of personality in honor of her six month mark! Don’t you wish we could all be this cute in tutus and handbands?

Be sure to check out the black and white images at the end. They are some of my favorite and capture so much love!

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