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Honeymoon #4 in Antigua! {Anna Paschal Photography}


Antigua_13Honeymoons are such a wonderful thing. I guess technically these are “anniversary” trips, but I love the idea of taking another honeymoon every year!

This year was a big trip for us. This past year has been so wonderful but super busy, and we hadn’t gone anywhere is so long, so we decided to get passports, and visit Antigua! This beautiful island was on The Bachelor(yes, I totally referred to The Bachelor) a few years back, and helped everyone learn about beautiful this place is!

We stayed at Sugar Ridge Resort .. highly recommended!!! Everything about our stay was wonderful, and such an amazing experience. Even their hotel transportation driven by the one and only Vorn will take you to many local beaches.

Ben decided that we should rent a car. We rented a car in a different country, where they drive on the opposite side of the road. Definitely created a few terrifying memories that won’t be forgotten!(:

Our last night we went to Shirley Heights for an amazing view, food, and music.

So enjoy a few photos from our trip, grab your passports and go visit Antigua!(:

Antigua_3 Antigua_4 Antigua_2 Antigua_17 Antigua_23 Antigua_16 Antigua_1 Antigua_18 Antigua_15 Antigua_22 Antigua_20 Antigua_11 Antigua_9 Antigua_8 Antigua_7 Antigua_6 Antigua_12 Antigua_19 Antigua_5 Antigua_21
Matt + Lauren: Married! {Greensboro Wedding Photographer}

I have had such an amazing wedding season so far, and can’t wait to share all of these weddings! It’s Friday , and I couldn’t help but share Lauren & Matt’s gorgeous southern wedding! These two had a day full of celebration with friends and family at The Barn at Summerfield Farm (such an amazing venue!) 

The girls spent the morning getting hair & makeup done, and relaxing, while the guys played corn hole and hung out, not to mention were hilarious to photograph! The Ceremony took place at the tree on the property, it was just breathtaking to stand back and see the cows in the background.

Afterwards everyone made their way to the barn for a breakfast dinner (YES!), and dancing. One of my favorite details was the option of milk with dinner & dessert. Lauren’s family owns a Dairy Farm, so what better option to toast with! No worries, their cows will make an appearance in her Bridal Portrait, which I will share next week!

I have loved getting to know Lauren, and the day allowed to me to also get to know two amazing families. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see genuine happiness like this! So Enjoy friends, happy Friday!

Lauren & Matt — I can’t wait to share everything with you, I hope you enjoy looking back through these moments!! xoxo!

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