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Emma + Ricky: Married! {Greensboro Wedding Photographer}



I can’t put into words how much I love this redhead, and how happy I am for these two finding each other. Emma & Ricky tied the knot in October with so many amazing friends and family, and I loved spending the day capturing this time. A huge Thanks to Alexa Stutts for joining me, I couldn’t have completed this wedding without you!

Emma & Ricky held there Ceremony at 1st Presbyterian Church in Reidsville, and celebrated with their reception at Oak Haven in Pelham. It was the perfect backdrop for these two. The girls spent the morning getting ready at Oak Haven, and left for the Church. We had the guys arrive in time to finish getting ready, and took advantage of the fall colors for their portraits. We lucked up with great weather considering the October we had!

Their day was filled with SO much happiness & joy. Emma spent so much time on the details, which can be seen throughout the photos (I mean who doesn’t want that amazing Photo Booth backdrop she did made?!). Enough of reading, enjoy the photographs!!

reidsville-wedding-1 oak-haven-wedding-1 oak-haven-wedding-2 oak-haven-wedding-3 oak-haven-wedding-12oak-haven-wedding-7 oak-haven-wedding-8 oak-haven-wedding-6 oak-haven-wedding-4 oak-haven-wedding-13 oak-haven-wedding-15 oak-haven-wedding-14 reidsville-wedding-2 oak-haven-wedding-18 oak-haven-wedding-17 reidsville-wedding-7 reidsville-wedding-6 reidsville-wedding-4 tie-wedding-detail reidsville-wedding-3 CRABTREE-455 CRABTREE-459 CRABTREE-403 CRABTREE-400 CRABTREE-440 CRABTREE-443 CRABTREE-483 CRABTREE-535 CRABTREE-540 CRABTREE-549 CRABTREE-570 CRABTREE-594 oak-haven-wedding-22 fall-weddingCRABTREE-711 CRABTREE-696oak-haven-wedding-29 oak-haven-wedding-23 oak-haven-wedding-35 oak-haven-wedding-25CRABTREE-723oak-haven-wedding-24 CRABTREE-753 oak-haven-wedding-32 oak-haven-wedding-27 oak-haven-wedding-33 oak-haven-wedding-28 oak-haven-wedding-30 oak-haven-wedding-26 CRABTREE-865 CRABTREE-872 CRABTREE-880 CRABTREE-886 CRABTREE-905 oak-haven-wedding-37 oak-haven-wedding-36 oak-haven-wedding-34 CRABTREE-922 CRABTREE-927 CRABTREE-934 CRABTREE-1011 CRABTREE-999 CRABTREE-970 CRABTREE-983 CRABTREE-1052 CRABTREE-1090 CRABTREE-1096 CRABTREE-1176 CRABTREE-1150 CRABTREE-1154 CRABTREE-1231 CRABTREE-1235
Parker: Newborn {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

I loved photographing this sweet little guy and his wonderful family! Lauren and Lucas were one of my first wedding couples, and I have loved watching their family grow. Parker was just perfection to photograph, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Welcome to the world Parker, I’m so glad to have met you!

greensboro-newborn-12 greensboro-newborn-4 greensboro-newborn-11 greensboro-newborn-9 greensboro-newborn-7 greensboro-newborn-2 greensboro-newborn-3 greensboro-newborn-10 greensboro-newborn-8 greensboro-newborn-6 greensboro-newborn-5 greensboro-newborn-13 greensboro-newborn-15
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