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Gray + Sidney: Married! {Adaumont Farm Wedding}

You guys remember that first weekend in October FULL of heavy rain and the hurricane coming in?! Sidney & Gray got married that Saturday at Adaumont Farm, and we didn’t even have a drop during or after their ceremony. They came prepared with clear umbrellas  and rain boots, but luckily we didn’t need them!

These two spent their day relaxing & getting ready on the farm, and their ceremony was so beautiful and intimate full of autumn color and candles.  They were surrounded by so many friends & family (who were all amazing dancers), to celebrate throughout the night!

I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with, and am so excited to share this perfect day with you all! Thank you to Jamie Mostofian for all of her handwork and making this day go off wonderfully!

Venue: Adaumont Farm

Planning & Design: Jamie Mostofian Design

Photography: Anna Paschal Photography

Hair & Makeup: Carla White Hair & Makeup

Florist: Sedgefield Florist

Officiant: REVoncall

Caterer: Thyme to Cater

Cake: Maxie B’s

DJ: Triad DJ

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Brittany + Ryan: Engaged {Southport Wedding Photographer}

SO excited to share Brittany & Ryan’s beautiful engagement session today!  We met in downtown Southport to explore around town and of course their sweet pup Bailee joined us! Finishing a session on the beach at sunset is always a good idea, so that’s what we did!

Can’t wait for their wedding next year, leave these two some well wishes!

Film Scans | Film Box Lab

southport-engagement-19 southport-engagement-1 southport-engagement-2 southport-engagement-3 southport-engagement-4 southport-engagement-5 southport-engagement-6 southport-engagement-10 southport-engagement-9 southport-engagement-11 southport-engagement-12 southport-engagement-16 southport-engagement-14 southport-engagement-13 southport-engagement-15 southport-engagement-22 southport-engagement-23 southport-engagement-26 southport-engagement-24 southport-engagement-20 southport-engagement-18 southport-engagement-25 southport-engagement-21
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