January 2016 Archive

Logan Grey: Newborn {Greensboro Newborn Photographer}

I recently had the opportunity to photograph this sweet family of three! Allison, Keith, and Logan Grey welcomed me into their beautiful home one afternoon for his newborn session.

Photographing this family was such a dream, and I loved documenting their afternoon together!  Enjoy this handsome little guy!

Allison & Keith — thank you so much for allowing me to capture this time for you!

greensboro-newborn-9 greensboro-newborn-6 Logan-2 greensboro-newborn-8 greensboro-newborn-7 greensboro-newborn-1 Logan-75 greensboro-newborn-2 greensboro-newborn-10 greensboro-newborn-5 greensboro-newborn-4 Logan-123 greensboro-newborn-3 Logan-117 Logan-105 greensboro-newborn-11 Logan-173 Logan-190
Alyssa + Michael: Engaged {Charlotte wedding photographer}

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this movie like engagement session on the blog. I mean it’s like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie. (I’m not joking, sorry Alyssa & Michael).

I met up with these two in Waxhaw, an adorable small town outside of Charlotte where Alyssa & Michael used to visit. If you can’t tell in the photos, these two know how to have fun. and snuggle. and do the infamous dirty dancing lift. (???!!!!) See below for that. 

I can’t tell you how excited I am for their wedding, and can only imagine how much fun we will have then as well. Enjoy my friends!

Alyssa & Michael — you guys rock. Can we just do this again?!

charlotte-engagement-session-2 downtown-waxhaw-engagement-7 downtown-waxhaw-engagement-5 waxhaw-engagement-session-2 waxhaw-engagement-session-3 waxhaw-engagement-session-1 charlotte-engagement-session-3 charlotte-engagement-session-4 charlotte-engagement-session-1 downtown-waxhaw-engagement-session-1 waxhaw-engagement-session-4 waxhaw-engagement-session-6 waxhaw-engagement-session-7 waxhaw-engagement-session-8 downtown-waxhaw-engagement-6 waxhaw-engagement-session-12 waxhaw-engagement-session-5 waxhaw-downtown-engagement-3 waxhaw-engagement-session-11 waxhaw-engagement-session-10 waxhaw-engagement-session-9
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