August 2016 Archive

Jessica & Ford: Married! {Raleigh Wedding Photographer}
Jessica & Ford’s wedding was a great way to kick off the spring. They had a beautiful wedding day that took place in downtown Raleigh.
Jessica spent the morning with her girls relaxing & getting ready. We met up with the guys at the beautiful Christ Church and walked over the Capitol Building for some photos. Everyone was so laid back and really enjoyed their day. After they said their ‘I do’s’ we made our way to 214 Martin to celebrate and enjoy a night of dancing! They were sent off in style with bubbles & a Raleigh Rickshaw!
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Courtney: Bridals {Adaumont Farm Wedding Photographer}

Always love sharing a beautiful Bride! Clearly we had a perfect fall day, and Adaumont Farm never disappoints as an amazing backdrop. Here are just a few of my favorites!

Adaumont-Farm-bridal-3 adaumont-farm-bridal-2 Adaumont-farm-bridal-1adaumont-farm-bridal-7 adaumont-farm-bridal-5 adaumont-farm-bridal-4 adaumont-farm-bridal-6
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