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Ryan + Ashley Engaged! {Greensboro Wedding Photographer}

What better way to start the New Year than ringing it in with a wedding?!! Ashley & Ryan are getting married this evening, so I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorites from their engagements!

We ended up doing two sessions for Save the Dates & weather, which was perfect! Leave these two some love & happy wishes!!

Happy New Years!

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Christiana & Jess: Married! { Winmock Wedding Photography}

Ice cold days like today make me wish for hot summer July days like this one! Christiana & Jess had the most perfect wedding day at the beautiful Winmock at Kinderton! I loved spending the day photographing these two families (and wonderful friends)! Aren’t their colors to die for?!

Though I love the details and pretty things of weddings, receptions are so much fun to photograph. I loved watching everyone celebrate these two and the amazing The Dickens band performing their hearts out! So happy for these two!


winmock-wedding-1 winmock-wedding-24 winmock-wedding-23 winmock-wedding-21 winmock-wedding-22 winmock-wedding-18 winmock-wedding-19 winmock-wedding-20 winmock-wedding-17 winmock-wedding-33 winmock-wedding-12 winmock-wedding-13 winmock-wedding-14 winmock-wedding-38 winmock-wedding-36 winmock-wedding-37 winmock-wedding-9 winmock-wedding-8 winmock-wedding-7 winmock-wedding-6 winmock-wedding-15 winmock-wedding-28 winmock-wedding-30 winmock-wedding-34 winmock-wedding-26 winmock-wedding-27 winmock-wedding-11 winmock-wedding-29 winmock-wedding-31 winmock-wedding-25 winmock-wedding-32 winmock-wedding-5 winmock-wedding-4 winmock-wedding-3 winmock-wedding-2

Venue: Winmock at Kinderton | Florals & Planning: Flowers ABBA Design Arranged Beautifully By Anderson | Catering: Providence Restaurant & Catering | Cake: Dewey’s Bakery | Band: The Dickens

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