Baby Spencer: Newborn Session {Greensboro Family Photographer}

Meet the sweet Howerton Family! Jena contacted me a few months before Spencer’s due date, and we planned for this session. I just loved spending the morning capturing this family!

SO excited to share a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

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Warner Lifestyle Session {Greensboro Lifestyle Photographer}

One of the best parts of my summer was this amazing family coming home for two weeks from Alaska. I finally got to meet Noah for the first time, who is arguably one of the happiest babies I’ve seen.

We got to spend the evening in Reidsville at Jordan’s parents house to catch up and have dinner (thank you Mark & Charlie)! Jordan has been my best friend since 6th grade, and we grew up with Jacob. One day they set up me up on a blind date with his roommate, and well, I ended up marrying him!  I can’t wait for the day when I can actually drive to see these two. These are just a few of my favorites from their session.

Jordan &  Jacob — I love you guys!

reidsville-family-photography reidsville-family-photographer-1 reidsville-family-photographer-2 reidsville-family-photography-5 reidsville-family-photographer-11 reidsville-family-photographer-3 reidsville-family-photographer-9 reidsville-family-photographer-10 reidsville-family-photographer-14 reidsville-family-photographer-13 reidsville-family-photographer-16 reidsville-family-photographer-8 reidsville-family-photographer-15
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