Jessica: Bridals {Raleigh Wedding Photographer}

Jessica & Ford tied the knot this past weekend in downtown Raleigh and had a stunning weekend of celebration! Now I can finally share Jessica’s gorgeous Bridal session!

We started at the Raleigh Rose Garden, and finished up at Christ Church, where they got married. It was SO difficult to choose these photographs to share, but there is no doubt my job was made easy!(: Take a look and enjoy this perfect bridal portrait!

Film scans | The Find Lab

raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-8 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal raleigh-bridal-portrait-2 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-5 raleigh-bridal-portrait-5 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-3 raleigh-bridal-portrait-6 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-2 raleigh-bridal-portrait-3 raleigh-rose-garden-bridal-7 raleigh-bridal-portrait-10 raleigh-bridal-portrait-11 raleigh-bridal-portrait-9 raleigh-bridal-portrait-1 downtown-raleigh-bridal-portrait downtown-raleigh-bridal-portrait-3 downtown-raleigh-bridal-portrait-2
Emily + Philip: Married! {winston salem wedding photographer}

Emily & Philip’s November wedding was a day full of love, support, & celebration.  Everyone spent the day at the historic Brookstown Inn, in downtown Winston Salem before making our way to Knollwood Baptist Church.  We had plenty of gorgeous light to work with, our fall light never seems to disappoint! I was so excited to finally work with Jennifer of Green Bee Floral Designs who created stunning forals!

I loved every moment of photographing these two as well as their amazing wedding party! Dinner & dancing was held back at the Brookstown Inn, where even Sally the hotel cat made an appearance!

Emily & Philip — thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of this special time! So happy for you both!

brookstown-inn-wedding-2 brookstown-inn-wedding-1 brookstown-inn-wedding-5 brookstown-inn-wedding-3 brookstown-inn-wedding-4 brookstown-inn-wedding-8 brookstown-inn-wedding-7 brookstown-inn-wedding-9 brookstown-inn-wedding-10 winston-salem-wedding-bouquets winston-salem-wedding fine-art-wedding-film-nc winston-salem-film-photographer brookstown-inn-wedding-6 winston-salem-wedding-6 winston-salem-wedding-5 winston-salem-wedding-4 winston-salem-wedding-3 winston-salem-wedding-2 winston-salem-wedding-7 winston-salem-wedding-8 winston-salem-wedding-9 winston-salem-wedding-11 winston-salem-wedding-12 winston-salem-wedding-13 winston-salem-wedding-17 winston-salem-wedding-14 winston-salem-wedding-15 brookstown-inn-wedding-13 brookstown-inn-wedding-18 brookstown-inn-wedding-20 brookstown-inn-wedding-21 brookstown-inn-wedding-22 brookstown-inn-wedding-19 brookstown-inn-wedding-24 brookstown-inn-wedding-26 brookstown-inn-wedding-23 mother-son-dance-wedding brookstown-inn-wedding-25 brookstown-inn-wedding-27 brookstown-inn-wedding-31 brookstown-inn-wedding-32 brookstown-inn-wedding-30 brookstown-inn-wedding-34 brookstown-inn-wedding-33 brookstown-inn-wedding-36 brookstown-inn-wedding-35 brooktown-inn-wedding-37
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